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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Sun Grant Initiative National Conference on Science for Biomass Feedstock Production and Utilization
President Obama Announces $14 million Funding Opportunity to Develop Transportation Fuels from Algae


Obama Administration Announces New Funding for Biomass Research and Development Initiative


Energy Department Announces up to $15 Million to Research Biomass-Based Supplements for Traditional Fuels
Energy Department Announces $2.5 Million to Advance Technologies for Clean-Burning, Efficient Biomass Cookstoves
Energy Department Webinar April 23: Educational Opportunities in Bioenergy at National Laboratories


Program RFI on Algal Biofuels and Intermediate Products Released


Obama Administration Announces New Investments to Advance Biofuels Industry and Enhance America’s Energy Security
Agriculture and Energy Departments Announce New Investments to Drive Innovations in Biofuels and Biobased Products


Biomass Program to Host Webinar on International Collaboration
Request for Information: Conversion Technologies for Advanced Biofuels
Biomass Program to Host Webinar on Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels
Request for Information: Carbon, Hydrogen and Separation Efficiencies in Bio-Oil Conversion Pathways


Funding Opportunity Announcement: Carbon, Hydrogen, and Separation Efficiencies (CHASE) in Bio-Oil Conversion Pathways