DOE-Funded Spero Energy, Inc. Wins Aviation Energy Prize at the 2014 Clean Energy Challenge

May 12, 2014

This April, Spero Energy, Inc. won the 2014 Clean Energy Challenge’s $50,000 Aviation Energy Prize, presented by United Airlines, Boeing, and Honeywell UOP. The award recognizes Spero Energy’s accomplishments in developing a cost-efficient, patent-pending process that, in addition to producing valuable chemicals that can be used in the flavor and fragrance industries, converts sustainable wood sources into biofuel for aviation. Spero Energy earned the opportunity to compete in the Midwest Clean Energy Challenge by winning the Indiana Clean Energy Challenge in February.

Spero Energy received funding from the Bioenergy Technologies Office through a Phase I grant from the Energy Department’s Small Business Innovation Research program. The Phase I grant began in January 2014 and continues through November 2014—after which Spero Energy will be eligible for a Phase II grant.