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Information Resources

The Information Resources section of this website contains a range of introductory and in-depth materials to provide further information about Bioenergy Technologies Office activities, research, publications, tools, and terminology. Use the links below or left navigation menu options to find the information you need.


This section contains all Bioenergy Technologies Office publications and highlights the most recent and most popular ones. Use the search function to find publications based on title, description, file name, and keyword(s).

Bioenergy Technologies Office Blog 

The Bioenergy Technologies Office Blog is a place for the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the biomass community, and the general public to learn about and discuss the latest news and events in the Bioenergy Technologies Office, and the entire bio-industry.

Key Publications  

This page contains a table that organizes the names and publication dates of the Bioenergy Technologies Office's key research and development portfolio documents, providing succinct descriptions of each document, and sorting them by category: fact sheets and summaries; design reports/case studies; and plans, roadmaps, and reports. This page highlights important documents in a quick, easy-to-read tabular format and contains only the most recent and relevant documents. Scroll through the table and read the descriptions to find the publication that best fits your needs.


In May 2011, the Bioenergy Technologies Office began sending out a monthly "News Blast," highlighting Bioenergy Technology Office events, solicitations, publications, related blogs, and other relevant information. This page archives the past blasts by month.

Project Fact Sheets  

The page provides fact sheets that summarize various internal, external, and joint projects that make up the Bioenergy Technologies Office's project portfolio.

Biomass Basics  

This section of the site serves as a preliminary resource for those just starting to learn about biomass. Find basic information about biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts, as well as benefits derived from the use of biomass.


This page provides a variety of multimedia products to enhance knowledge and understanding of biomass resources, processes, and projects.


This page contains presentation slides and audio files from the Bioenergy Technologies Office's webinar series that covers many of the Office's activities and features "Hot Topics" discussions relevant to the development of renewable fuels, power, and products from biomass resources. This page also links to recaps from the Bioenergy-Clean Cities joint Web conference.  


This page contains several databases that provide comprehensive information to expand your biomass knowledge. Use the descriptions and links provided to access the database that best meets your research needs.

Analytical Tools  

The Bioenergy Technologies Office and its national lab partners provide a variety of online tools to help analyze data and facilitate decision making. This page links to several of them and includes a widget that calculates the potential volume of ethanol produced from biomass feedstocks.


The terms defined in this Glossary are used throughout the Bioenergy Technologies Office's website and publications. Each definition is a short description intended to help students and researchers alike better understand biomass terminology. 

Student & Educator Resources  

As the need for biomass and bioenergy heightens, and more biomass-related jobs are created, the need to promote these topics in schools also increases. This page offers educational materials for students and educators of all levels.

State & Regional Resources  

The Bioenergy Technologies Office partners with the National Biomass State and Regional Partnerships' five regional organizations that provide leadership in their regions with regard to policies and technical issues in order to advance the use of biomass. This page lists contacts from the partner organizations, and it provides information on some state-level programs.

Conferences & Meetings  

This section contains information about the Bioenergy Technologies Office's annual Biomass conference, including dates, agendas, speakers, and highlights from the events, as well as information from Office-attended meetings.

Related Links  

This section provides links to biomass-related websites and organizes them into the categories to facilitate your search for related information.