Lighting and Electrical Project Team

Commercial lighting uses about 4.0 quads of primary energy per year, which is over 20% of total commercial building energy use. Fortunately, lighting can often provide some of the easiest, most cost-effective energy-saving opportunities for building owners and occupants. Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA) Lighting and Electrical Project Team members reduce lighting energy use by sharing cost-effective solutions to interior and exterior lighting challenges and developing lighting specifications to build demand for higher efficiency technology.

Alliance members as diverse as Safeway, Cleveland Clinic, USAA Real Estate, Walmart Stores, and BJ's Wholesale Club are already saving millions of dollars annually through lighting improvements that others can replicate using the specifications developed by the lighting team. If you would like to work on the Lighting and Electrical Project Team and are a CBEA member, email the CBEA coordinator. If you are not a member, learn more about joining CBEA.

Current Project Team Initiatives

  • Working with CBEA members and industry partners to encourage building owners and managers to upgrade inefficient lighting systems.
  • Helping members quickly qualify for the lighting 179d tax deduction.
  • Developing and encouraging use of advanced, energy-saving Lighting System Specifications including:
    • Site (parking lot) specification: Most parking lots are illuminated by older high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting technology without any energy-saving controls. New light-emitting diode (LED) technology with controls can cut parking lot lighting energy bills by 40% or more while delivering additional benefits including long life, reduced maintenance costs, and improved lighting uniformity.

    • Parking structure lighting specification: Parking structures or garages are typically lighted by older HID lighting technology without any energy-saving controls. The latest high-efficiency alternatives with energy-saving controls—including LED, induction, and fluorescent technology options—can save building owners over 40% on their parking lot lighting bills while delivering additional benefits such as better-lighted spaces. CBEA developed a performance specification that can deliver energy savings of about 40% compared to a typical code, and even more with controls.

    • Troffer lighting specification: Many buildings still use older, inefficient T-12 bulbs in their lighting troffers. New, efficient LED or fluorescent fixtures, combined with advanced power supplies/ballasts and controls, can deliver huge savings over older lighting technologies. Potential savings from applying the troffer specification range from 15–45% on a one-for-one basis.

    • Refrigerated display case lighting: The refrigerated display case specification delivers nearly 50% energy savings compared to typical display case lighting. If all retail refrigerated display cases switched today to LED systems, over 2.1 TWh of electricity could be saved annually.

Resources and Past Initiatives

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