Commercial Building Energy Alliance Project Teams

Photo of the exterior of a Walmart store at dusk with parking lot lights illuminated.

The CBEA Lighting and Electrical Project Team, including industry partners such as Walmart, helped develop a parking lot lighting specification that provides information about light fixture performance and how a site should be lighted to positively impact energy use, aesthetics, branding, and customer safety. Credit: Walmart

The Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA) members, Building Technologies Program (BTP) representatives, and engineers from the U.S. Department of Energy's national laboratories work together on Project Teams to develop solutions that will reduce energy use for commercial building owners and operators. You may participate in any of these Project Teams if you are a CBEA member. If you are not a member, join CBEA now.

Visit each Project Team's Web page to view information about current initiatives and resources:

  • Lighting and Electrical—Indoor and outdoor lighting including related sensors and controls

  • Space Conditioning—Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and related sensors and controls

  • Plug and Process Loads—Plug-in equipment that is unrelated to general lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, and water heating

  • Refrigeration and Food Service—Refrigeration and food preparation equipment

  • Laboratories—Laboratory facilities, with a focus on cost-effective measures including operational best practices and specifications for more efficient equipment

  • Market Transformation—Financing mechanisms, incentives, model owner-occupant arrangements, and workforce development.

You may also review the technical specifications developed by CBEA Project Teams that are now available for all commercial building owners, operators, and suppliers to use.