Recent Federal Register Notices

Please note that this page is undergoing migration to and will not be updated again until January 2014. For the most up-to-date publications, meeting dates, and comment deadlines, please refer to or the individual rulemaking pages.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has compiled a list of Federal Register notices published by the Appliance and Equipment Standards program, beginning July 2013.

Information regarding notices associated with current rulemakings, but not listed, can be found on the appropriate rulemakings web page section. Each rulemaking page provides links to notices and to rulemaking dockets, and other information regarding pending rulemakings, such as rulemakings that have been initiated, but not yet completed. For access to notices associated with completed rulemakings, visit Standards and Test Procedures and search for the relevant product category. Product pages provide information related to notices associated with completed rulemakings, and also provide links to current rulemakings related to that product.

Notices related to waivers issued more than six months ago can be found in the Waivers section.