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Building America has assembled a list of Web sites for homeowners that offer tips and ideas on making new and existing homes more energy-efficient.

Here you will find links to information and resources to help achieve energy efficiency in homes. Specifically, you can link to information pertaining to:

National Partner Programs

Learn about relevant governmental programs that partner with Building America to increase efficiency in U.S. homes.

  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)—Advances the national, economic, and energy security of the United States and promotes scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission.
  • DOE's Building Technologies Program—Partners with states, industry, and manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. On this site, you'll find information about the program's research and development of innovative new technologies.
  • BetterBuildings—State and local program that improves homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and other types of buildings across the nation by using energy efficiency technology, products, and tools.
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD)—Promotes energy efficiency in HUD homes through several initiatives.
  • Home Performance With ENERGY STAR®— Offers a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort at home, while helping to protect the environment.
  • ENERGY STAR: Sponsored by DOE and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ENERGY STAR offers product-specific information on high-performance appliances and lighting for the home. You can also view information about home improvement, new homes, and tax credits for energy efficiency.
  • DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program—Enables low-income families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient.
  • DOE's Efficient Windows Collaborative—Provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

Energy-Efficient Residential Construction

Find technical information and resources to achieve energy efficiency in homes.

  • Building Energy Codes—Sponsored by DOE, this is a resource for tools to facilitate energy code compliance, development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement.
  •—Lots of news stories and feature articles offered online that deal with energy efficiency in design and construction and a great listing of green products.
  • Building Media, Inc.—This Building America partner website offers how-to videos of best practices for home energy retrofits.
  • EnergyValue Housing Awards—Announced at the International Builders' Show, these awards honor builders who voluntarily incorporate energy efficiency in the design, construction, and marketing of new homes.
  • Home Energy Magazine—Good technical information for both builders and consumers.
  • Residential Commissioning—Procedures for new or retrofitted homes to ensure construction and operation achieve safety, health, comfort, and energy design goals.
  • Residential Duct Systems—Information on problems concerning residential duct systems, including leakage testing, duct sealing, duct insulation and other topics.
  • The Inspector—A game by Fine Homebuilding that challenges users to spot code and safety violations, missing structural elements, and other technical issues from a real job site photo. View the Building America-developed downspout disaster game.

Software Tools and Databases

Access useful online tools and databases that can help with energy analysis of buildings, incentives for efficiency improvements, and technical solutions for new and existing homes. 

  • BESTEST-EX—A method for testing and diagnosing the simulation capabilities of the exterior envelope portions of building energy simulation programs, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • DSIRE - Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy—A comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy.
  • Insulation Fact Sheet and Tool—This fact sheet, provided by the DOE, covers a variety of information regarding insulation. You can also access an online tool, the ZIP-Code Insulation Program, to help determine the amount of insulation appropriate for your house based on your location.
  • ToolBase Services—Great resource for technical information on building products, materials, new technologies, business management, and housing systems. Provided by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.

Professional Organizations

Explore these links to find building-related professional associations and educational resources.