Technical Update Meeting - Summer 2012

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building America program held the third annual Technical Update meeting on July 24-26, 2012, in Denver, Colorado. This meeting showcased world-class building science expertise for high performance homes in a dynamic new format. Researchers from Building America teams and national laboratories came together to discuss key issues currently limiting implementation of high performance homes.

The meeting also included working sessions from each Standing Technical Committee (STC) that outlined work that will best assist in overcoming technical challenges and delivering Building America research results to the market. Learn more about the STCs and the research planning process.

Read the summary report from the meeting. This report and meeting presentations are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Meeting Presentations

Issue #1: How Do We First Do No Harm with High-R Enclosures?

What materials and approaches provide the "perfect," cost-effective, production-level, high-R enclosures for all major U.S. climate regions that ensure no moisture damage?

Issue #2: What Emerging Innovations are the Key to Future Homes?

What are the most important emerging innovations that will solve critical problems and capture new performance opportunities for future homes?

Issue #3: HVAC Proper Installation Energy Savings: Over-Promising or Under-Delivering?

What energy savings are realistically achievable by following quality installation standards for installation, operation, and maintenance of residential HVAC?

Issue #4: Are High Efficiency Hot Water Heating Systems Worth the Cost?

What are realistic energy savings associated with the latest advanced and forthcoming water heating technologies and are they cost effective?

Issue #5: How Much Insulation is Too Much?

How do we define the cost-effective limit for improvements in enclosure efficiency?

Issue #6: Do Codes and Standards Get in the Way of High Performance?

What gaps and barriers in codes, standards, and rating systems limit achievement of 50% homes?

Issue #7: What are the Best HVAC Solutions for Low-Load, High Performance Homes?

What components and controls are required to implement the "perfect," cost-effective, production-level low-load space conditioning systems for all major U.S. climate regions?

Issues #8: Better Technology Doesn't Always Win – How Can We Ensure that Doesn't Happen to High Performance Homes?

What market delivery solutions are most effective in communicating and validating the value of high performance home innovations?

Issue #9: What are the Best Ventilation Techniques?

How do we address ventilation in all climates? What is the best compromise between occupant health and safety and energy efficiency?