Take Action to Save Energy at Home

Whether you're a home builder or remodeling professional, a homeowner, home buyer, or renter, a state and local government, or a utility, the Buildings Technology Program and the Department of Energy (DOE) have resources to help you take action to save energy.

Building or Buying a New Home

  • DOE's Challenge Home helps home buyers find builders who are committed to applying building science and new technologies to create high performance homes.

  • Home builders who want to be recognized for building high performance homes can find out what it takes to participate in DOE's Challenge Home and sign up today.

  • Building America best practice guides and case studies for home builders provide information on how to build a high performance home and document real world home performance solutions that are also good for business.

  • Several states have adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). You can look up the minimum prescriptive requirements to meet the 2009 IECC or look up the current energy code for your state.

Improving or Remodeling a Home

  • Home Energy Score lets homeowners and renters compare the energy performance of their home with others homes in the same region. It includes a list of customized energy saving upgrades and estimated energy bill savings to help homeowners understand their options.

  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) helps homeowners find trusted contractors who know how to make home improvements that increase energy performance.

  • Building America's best practice guides and case studies for home remodelers provide information on how to improve home performance and document real world home performance solutions that are also good for business.

  • Home owners ready to make energy efficient improvements can check what rebates, tax credits, or financing are available in their area.

  • The Better Buildings Neighborhood Program helps over 40 competitively-selected state and local governments develop sustainable programs to upgrade building energy efficiency. State or local governments and program administrators can learn about the innovative approaches being tested by these leading communities. State or local governments, utilities, and other organizations can also partner with ENERGY STAR to sponsor a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Saving Energy at Home

For quick tips on how to save energy visit Energy Savers.