CALiPER: Troffers, Kits, and Tubes

This June 20, 2013 webcast reviewed the recently completed CALiPER Exploratory Study, Recessed Troffer Lighting, in which a group of lighting designers, engineers, and facility managers compared the performance of conventional fluorescent troffers with T8 LED tube retrofits, LED retrofit kits, and dedicated LED troffers. Troffers (1'×4', 2'×2', and 2'×4') comprise more than half of all luminaires installed in commercial applications, so switching to LED technology has the potential to yield significant energy and environmental benefits. During the webcast, Naomi Miller of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory explored troffer lighting as used in office and classroom spaces, and discussed not only documented performance in measures that go beyond illuminance and luminaire efficacy, but also new design considerations for LED troffers and LED retrofit products, and the kinds of testing and certification to look for in order to get the best results from these products.

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