Conferences and Meetings

DOE organizes three annual workshops to bring together a diverse gathering of participants—government, industry, academia, research institutions, energy efficiency organizations, utilities, retailers, and designers—to share insights, ideas, and updates on the rapidly evolving SSL market. 

Which Annual DOE SSL Workshops Are Right For You?

Manufacturing R&D
Market Development
When you must know...
Latest breakthroughs from DOE-funded R&D projects

Scientific pathways to improving performance and reducing costs

New ideas for tough technical challenges
Challenges of manufacturing LEDs, luminaires, drivers, and electronics

New ideas to improve LED and OLED manufacturing processes, equipment, and costs
Latest on product performance, selection, efficiency, quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness

Updates on Lighting Facts, CALiPER testing, demonstrations, and standards
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SSL R&D Workshop

Focus: Accelerating technology advances through R&D
SSL Manufacturing R&D Workshop

Focus: Manufacturing improvements for SSL products and components
Market Development Workshop

Focus: Speeding market adoption of SSL products
Who Should Attend?
Industry, research organizations, universities, national laboratories
Chip makers, luminaire manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, packagers, luminaire testers, testing equipment manufacturers
Utilities, energy efficiency organizations, municipalities, state and regional governments, facilities managers, specifiers, retailers, distributors, lighting designers, product development managers
When and Where
January 28–30, 2014
Tampa, FL
May 7–8, 2014
San Diego, CA
November 11–13, 2014
Location TBA

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