Financial Opportunities

DOE financial opportunities for solid-state lighting (SSL) include competitive solicitations, grants, and other federal funding mechanisms to advance innovative, energy-saving SSL technologies.

Related Incentives and Funding Opportunities
DOE has created this resource to help researchers, manufacturers, and distributors of SSL products locate funding opportunities to advance and deploy innovative, energy-saving technologies. Learn more.

DOE SSL Program

The DOE SSL program supports research and development of promising SSL technologies through annual competitive solicitations that cover three areas:

  • Core Technology Research, focusing on applied research for technology development, with particular emphasis on meeting efficiency, performance, and cost targets. This research fills technology gaps to overcome technical barriers.

  • Product Development, using the knowledge gained from basic or applied research to develop or improve commercially viable materials, devices, or systems.

  • Manufacturing Support, aimed at accelerating SSL technology adoption and encouraging a role for U.S.-based production through manufacturing improvements that reduce costs and enhance product quality.

Together, these three efforts target making SSL competitive with conventional lighting technologies on a first-cost basis and creating a U.S.-led market for high-efficiency light sources. For more detailed descriptions of the R&D pathways, see Definitions of SSL R&D Pathways.

R&D partners and projects are selected based on factors such as energy savings potential, likelihood of success, and alignment with the DOE SSL R&D Multi-Year Plan or the SSL Manufacturing Roadmap.

Learn about current SSL R&D funding opportunities and read about recent selections.