LED Site Lighting in the Commercial Building Sector: Opportunities, Challenges, and the CBEA Performance Specification

This March 26, 2009 webcast presented information about the Commercial Building Energy Alliances' (CBEA) efforts to explore the viability of LED site lighting in commercial parking lots. LED technology has the potential for significant energy and maintenance cost savings in site lighting applications such as parking lots; however, there are challenges that site owners should be aware of. After an introduction to the webcast by Linda Sandahl of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Eric Richman, also of PNNL, discussed the technology status, opportunities, and challenges of LED Site Lighting. Michael Myer of PNNL followed with information about the CBEA LED Site Lighting Performance Specification, developed by DOE and CBEA to take advantage of the technology's benefits and address its shortcomings. Finally, Ralph Williams of Walmart provided an overview of Walmart's experience with LED site lighting. The 60 minute presentation was followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.