Webinar: The L Prize-Winning LED A19 Replacement—What Commercial Building Owners/Operators Can Expect in 2012

This January 18, 2012 webinar presented an update on the status of LED A19 lamp options for commercial businesses, with an overview of DOE's L Prize competition and the rigorous lab, lifetime, and field testing that went into selection of the winning lamp. During the webinar, Kelly Gordon of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory presented current A19 LED options and provided details on where LEDs are most competitive and ready. Gordon also shared insights on the L Prize competition winner, the role of partners in market development, and preliminary plans for promotions and incentives. Todd Manegold, Director of LED Lamps Marketing at Philips Lighting, outlined best applications for the winning lamp in commercial settings, Philips' plans for commercial distribution, and a financial calculator showing expected cost/payback using actual examples from field tests.

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