Solid-State Lighting: Early Lessons Learned on the Way to Market

This February 20, 2014 webinar presented information from a new DOE report, Solid-State Lighting: Early Lessons Learned on the Way to Market. The SSL market continues to evolve rapidly and LED lighting products are now available for virtually all general illumination applications. With this groundbreaking new technology everyone from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to lighting designers, energy efficiency programs, and researchers has had to climb the SSL learning curve in recent years. DOE and the lighting industry have taken a proactive approach to market development for this energy-efficient technology, drawing on lessons learned from the rocky introduction of compact fluorescent lamps in the 1980s and 90s. LED lighting products have now been active in the general illumination market for about 5 years. What have we learned and observed so far? Are market development support actions achieving the intended results? Webinar presenter Kelly Gordon of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory described the report's 12 lessons about LED market development, with an eye toward rapid market growth – enabling huge energy savings and improved lighting service – in the future.