Below are links to tools that assist users with project planning and analysis.

Spectrally Enhanced Lighting 

Spectrally Enhanced Lighting (SEL) is a cost-effective, low-risk design method for achieving significant energy savings by shifting lamp color from the warmer to the cooler (whiter) end of the color spectrum, more closely matching daylight.

Residential Lighting Usage Estimate Tool

The Residential Lighting Usage Estimate Tool is a companion to the report, "Residential Lighting End-Use Consumption Study," which developed a regional estimation framework within a national sample design that allows for the estimation of lamp usage and energy consumption. The tool contains the full set of estimates produced by methodology described in the study.

Simple Modular LED Cost Model (LEDCOM) 

The LED Cost Model provides a simplified method for analyzing the manufacturing costs of an LED package, and enables those involved in the manufacture of LED packages to evaluate the relative impact of changes made at different points in the manufacturing process on the final LED package cost.

Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool 

The Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool provides municipalities, utilities, and other organizations a method of analyzing the cost and return-on-investment from lighting efficiency projects.