Creating the Next Generation of Energy Efficient Technology

The Emerging Technologies team partners with national laboratories, industry, and universities to advance research, development, and commercialization of energy efficient and cost effective building technologies. These partnerships help foster American ingenuity to develop cutting-edge technologies that have less than 5 years to market readiness, and contribute to the goal to reduce energy consumption by at least 50%.

Research and Development

  • Improve the energy efficiency of appliances, including refrigerators, washers, and dryers.
  • Reduce the amount of energy lost through the building envelope and windows, skylights, and doors by developing innovative materials and equipment.
  • Increase the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of building space heating and cooling and water heating technologies.
  • Target improvements in the efficiency, performance, lifetime, and quality of light from both organic and inorganic light emitting diodes through solid state lighting research.
  • Develop sensors and controls to help building operators better adapt energy use to environmental conditions.
  • Develop building energy modeling software that allows researchers and building professionals to model building energy and water use, and make recommendations for improving efficiency.

Market Stimulation