About the Initiative

The Utility Solar Water Heating Initiative (USH2O) provides services and support to help interested utilities learn about existing programs and develop their own efforts.

  • USH2O provides information about utility water heating programs and offers services to utility companies and energy service providers considering implementation.

  • USH2O utility partners manage the nation's most successful solar water heating programs. Solar thermal industry partners provide equipment for virtually all of the solar installations across the United States.

USH2O partners include solar thermal program managers from investor-owned utilities, municipal and other publicly owned utilities, as well as manufacturers, distributors, and installers of solar water heating systems.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory provide funding and technical guidance to the initiative.

Other stakeholders include the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation and the Solar Energy Industries Association.


The mission of USH2O is to facilitate the successful implementation of utility solar water heating programs and to educate stakeholders about the potential of solar thermal technologies.

Services and Contacts

Below, you will find information about USH2O services.

Preliminary Financial Analysis Service

An initial overview of the profitability of solar water heating business opportunities is available using software developed by USH2O partners. Contact Chip Bircher, the USH2O Coordinator, at 920-498-7100 for more information.

One-on-One Consulting with Program Managers

USH2O utility partners manage the largest and most successful solar water heating programs in the United States. Contact USH2O utility partners to answer questions and obtain more information.