Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) provides training and certification for people installing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). As a voluntary collaboration of electrical industry organizations, EVITP supports developing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for residential and commercial markets.

Clean Cities works with EVITP to address technical requirements, safety imperatives, and training needs for electric vehicle industry partners and stakeholders.

Training Opportunities

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program offers training around the United States at community colleges and electrical training centers. Training is open to licensed electricians in compliance with requirements of state or municipal jurisdictions. Training on local requirements supplements core training when appropriate.

Focused Curriculum

EVITP collaborates with industry organizations to develop curriculum to train and certify electricians. This training teaches industry best practices in electric vehicle infrastructure installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

EVITP offers brand-specific training for stakeholders to learn about plug-in electric vehicles, charging stations, electrical storage devices, and other industry products.

Key Topics

EVITP's training covers these key topics:

  • EV prospect/customer relations and experience
  • Automobile manufacturer's charging performance integrity specifications
  • EV battery types, specifications, and charging characteristics
  • Utility interconnect policies and requirements
  • Utility grid stress precautions including demand response integration technologies
  • Role of electrical storage devices as charging intermediaries
  • Installing, commissioning, and maintaining electric storage devices
  • Charging station fundamentals including brand/model-specific installation instructions for:
    • Level 1: 120 VAC 15 amps
    • Level 2: 120-240 VAC 60 amps
    • Level 3: 480 VAC 125 amps or 600 VDC 550 amps
  • Service-level assessments and upgrade implementation
  • Integration of electric vehicle infrastructure with distributed generation
  • Understanding Internet Protocol (IP) networking of charging stations
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) standards and requirements
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E and OSHA regulations
  • National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) for electric vehicle equipment
  • First responder safety and fire hazard measures.

More Information

For more information about the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program, email evitpinfo@gmail.com.

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Courses Available

EVSE Residential Charging Installation Training
For electrical contractors and inspectors | available from Clean Cities TV