Brochure Highlights Nanomanufacturing R&D Projects to Improve Manufacturing Processes and Products

January 5, 2011

A new brochure describes the 31 R&D projects that DOE's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) supports to accelerate the commercial manufacture and use of nanomaterials. These cost-shared projects seek to exploit the unique properties of nanomaterials to make dramatic efficiency improvements in products and processes (e.g., energy production, storage, and consumption applications). A key challenge is to retain the favorable nano-properties as materials are scaled up for production.

ITP's nanomanufacturing portfolio focuses on the development and deployment of technologies that will produce uniform nanomaterials for cost-effective incorporation into manufactured goods. Projects target nanomaterial fabrication and scale-up advancements in the following technical categories:

  • Catalysts
  • Nanocoatings and thin films
  • Nanofluids/suspensions
  • Separation media
  • Nanomaterials for energy and sustainability.

For information about the technical goals, barriers, and strategies pursued in each project, download the Nanomanufacturing Portfolio: Manufacturing Processes and Applications to Accelerate Commercial Use of Nanomaterials brochurePDF.  Download Adobe Acrobat.