Brochure Highlights Grand Challenge Research and Development Projects for Innovations in Manufacturing

January 10, 2011

The advanced manufacturing technology projects currently in the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) Grand Challenge Portfolio are now described in an informative on-line brochurePDF. ITP is providing $13 million in cost-shared funding to enable early-stage "concept definition studies" of these 47 promising technologies and processes that industry would be unlikely to pursue outside of a public-private partnership. This limited investment ($300,000 or less per concept) will ultimately help determine whether these novel solutions warrant further research and development funding. The studies incorporate laboratory-scale experiments, data generation and analysis, and other methods to explore and advance these new and dramatically different manufacturing concepts and practices.

The high-risk, high-reward projects under investigation explore innovative ways to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in manufacturing. The projects target innovation in the following four topic areas:

  • Next-generation manufacturing concepts
  • Energy-intensive processes
  • Advanced materials
  • Reductions in industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

For information on the technical goals, target barriers, and strategy of each project, download the Grand Challenge Portfolio: Driving Innovation in Industrial Energy EfficiencyPDF brochure.