Trico Electric (AZ) Develops Community Solar Offer

April 18, 2011

Trico Electric Cooperative is building an 840 solar panel sun farm, which is targeted to be in service by this summer. Trico customers may currently sign up to purchase electricity generated by the Trico Sun Farm in quarter, half and full panel increments costing $230, $460, or $920 respectively. Each full panel will produce 230 watts of electricity and offer 36 kilowatt-hours worth of credit to customer's electric bills, about a $5 credit per month. Trico's Sun Farm purchase option allows customers to use solar power without installing solar panels on their properties.

Funding for the Trico Sun Farm project is provided by a 21st Century Energy Grant of nearly $1 million from the Arizona Department of Commerce. Arizona's renewable energy standard tariff is not providing any funding for the project.

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