San Jose (CA) Launches SunShares Program

April 18, 2011

The City of San Jose, California, together with the Bay Area Climate Collaborative, launched the SunShares program that will allow businesses and governments throughout the region to take advantage of "solar group buys." The regional expansion of SunShares builds upon the pilot program the city began for its employees in 2010 with assistance from the Department of Energy's Solar America Cities program.

Utilization of the SunShares "group buy" program reduces the complexities of implementing solar independently, while providing attractive financing terms for home solar installations. The City of San Jose employees who took part in the program were able to get 40% off the current market price for installation costs with solar providers SunPower and SunWater Solar, as well as reduced interest rates on money borrowed for solar projects.

News Article - Solar group buy program launched in San Jose

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