Oak Park Pursuing Community Choice Electricity Aggregation

April 30, 2011

The Village of Oak Park, Illinois, has voted to allow the city to move forward with developing a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. CCA programs allow communities to determine their electricity generation sources by aggregating the community load and purchasing electricity from an alternate electricity supplier while still receiving transmission and distribution service from their existing provider. A handful of states, including Illinois, have passed laws enabling CCA. States that have passed CCA laws include California (2002), Illinois (2009), Massachusetts (1997), New Jersey (2003), Ohio (1999), and Rhode Island (1997).

The Village will first hold public meetings to gather input on energy mix and cost savings goal, and then seek competitive bids for generation. Oak Park is not obligated to accept bids that do not meet the community's goals.

News Release – With Voter OK, Oak Park Pursues Electricity Aggregation

Additional Information – Oak Park Community Choice Aggregation

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