Marin Energy Authority Provides Green Power Opportunity for 5,500 Residents

May 26, 2011

The Marin Energy Authority (CA), a community choice aggregation program, has mailed opt-out notices to an additional 5,500 Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) customers. If customers do not opt-out, they will join nearly 8,000 current Marin Clean Energy customers who receive at least 27 percent of their electricity from certified renewable energy sources. Customers may also choose to purchase 100 percent renewable electricity by enrolling in Marin Clean Energy's Deep Green option.

Residents who choose to opt-out of the program will continue service with PG&E. Customers who elect to return to PG&E after October will have to pay a fee (currently $5) and will be required to remain with PG&E for the following three years.

News Release - Marin Energy Authority gives another 5,500 Marin residents opportunity to make the switch

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