GovEnergy 2011 Offers Federal Energy Professionals Strategies for Reducing Energy Use

September 13, 2011

FEMP Program Manager Timothy Unruh addresses the GovEnergy 2011 crowd.

As President Obama has said, we here in the Federal Government are the largest energy consumer in the United States, and as such, we have "a responsibility to American citizens to reduce our energy use and become more efficient. Our goal is to lower costs, reduce pollution, and shift Federal energy expenses away from oil and towards local, clean energy."

That's why over 4,000 federal, private sector, and military energy professionals participated in GovEnergy last month – an annual trade show held in Cincinnati, Ohio cosponsored by the Energy Department along with several other government agencies.

Reflecting the Administration's priority of government playing a lead role in securing a cleaner, safer, more secure energy future, the conference is designed to help federal employees meet their sustainability, energy security, and energy assurance goals for federal facilities.

The 14th year of GovEnergy offered more than 130 training sessions, many of which centered on reducing energy use in federal facilities. GovEnergy's attendees were able to explore strategies for overcoming various project hurdles. The conference featured a wide variety of energy training workshops—including offering techniques on improving building performance through energy audits and electric metering projects.

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Attendees benefitted from a host of new features throughout the event – including smartphone apps and interactive kiosks to streamline communication and reduce paper waste. GovEnergy also offered technical tours – illustrating how energy-saving technologies are currently used throughout the Cincinnati metro region.

In addition, comprehensive details were offered on compliance requirements for federal facilities, greenhouse gas emissions and renewables. Sessions also explored how behavior and attitudes impact energy consumption and what practices are used to communicate and promote energy efficiency.

I served as one of the keynote speakers at the event as well as Henry Kelly, the Acting Assistant Secretary for the Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The 2012 event will be held August 19-22 at the America's Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about GovEnergy, visit