SunEdison and Staples Reach 30 million kWh of Solar Production

November 30, 2011

SunEdison and Staples have achieved more than 30 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity produced through solar installations on Staples' properties. The solar hosting program between Staples and SunEdison began in 2005 and now includes installations on 33 Staples sites in California, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey. The generated solar power is used across Staples' facilities, including retail stores, delivery fulfillment centers, customer service call centers and sales offices.

The solar hosting program is made possible through 20 year power purchase agreements (PPAs) between Staples and SunEdison. SunEdison finances, owns and maintains the solar installations at Staples' facilities. Staples purchases the solar generated electricity at fixed prices that are at or below market rates.

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