Berea (KY) Solar Farm Sells Out

December 13, 2011

In only 4 days, Berea Municipal Utilities (BMU), Kentucky, sold all 60 available solar leases for the first-phase of the Berea Solar Farm. The first-phase of the Berea Solar Farm enabled customers to lease up to two 235-watt solar panels over a 25-year period, for one-time fee of $750 per panel. Customers will receive a credit of $3.19 per watt for the electricity generated by their panels each billing period.

The success of the first-phase of the Berea Solar Farm led BMU to offer a second-phase solar farm, which has already sold 35 solar panel leases. As of November 30, 2011 lease agreement pre-payment opportunities for the second solar farm are no longer being accepted.

News Release -Berea Solar Farm

News Release -Berea Solar Farm Pre-Payment Ends

Additional Information -Berea, Kentucky's first community solar farm sells out in four days, second phase closes

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