Wisconsin Surpasses its DOE-Backed Home Energy Efficiency Goal

January 11, 2012

DOE announced on January 6 that the state of Wisconsin has surpassed its energy efficiency goal established with the agency under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Through its weatherization program, the state has helped more than 30,500 Wisconsin households improve the energy efficiency of their homes over the last three years, saving the average household more than $400 a year on its energy utility bills.

Of the 30,500 homes weatherized in Wisconsin, more than 21,600 were upgraded through the Recovery Act, surpassing the state's goal of 20,600 homes. Wisconsin's progress was an important part of the DOE's program nationally, which has completed upgrades on more than 750,000 homes across the country over the past three years. Nationwide, this is expected to save more than $400 million in just the first year. The program has also helped train thousands of workers across the country and has spurred the demand for energy-efficient technologies and products.

While the Weatherization Assistance Program is limited to lower-income families, most families can save on their utility bills by taking some simple, affordable steps such as using more efficient light bulbs, sealing cracks around doors and windows, or using programmable thermostats. See the DOE press release, the list of homes weatherized by state, and the DOE Energy Savers website.