DOE Seeks an Administrator for the Superior Energy Performance Program

January 25, 2012

DOE issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) on January 19, offering up to $3 million in funding to administer its Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program, which will help U.S. manufacturers continually increase the energy efficiency of their domestic facilities. The funding will support at least one organization to launch, operate, and promote the SEP program. When launched later this year, the voluntary program will provide a transparent, step-by-step certification process to help industrial and commercial facilities implement and validate improvements in their energy performance and reduce their energy costs.

The SEP program will be a key component of DOE's efforts to improve energy efficiency throughout the nation's manufacturing sector. The program administrator will be responsible for launching and overseeing the program during its initial stages and for developing and executing a sustainable business model, enabling SEP to become a fee-based, self-sufficient program within three years of the award. Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity include U.S. domestic entities or consortia composed of academic institutions, non-profits [except 501(c)(4) non-profits], and for-profit private entities. Letters of intent in connection with this opportunity are due February 21, and awards are expected by June. See the DOE Progress Alert, the FOA on DOE's Funding Opportunity Exchange website, and the SEP Web page.