It Pays to Be Energy Efficient for Castle Medical Center

February 14, 2012

The push for renewable energy in Hawaii has two parts to it — the installation of green energy projects and efficiency. The latter usually doesn’t get much ink or air time, mostly because it’s not as visible as a towering wind turbine or a land-engulfing solar farm.  But on Tuesday, the investment in energy efficiency had something to show — to the tune of $647,637.

Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded conservation and efficiency program, presented a check in that amount to Castle Medical Center for the Kailua hospital’s extensive efficiency measures. Honolulu’s Energy Industries, an energy project developer focused on efficiency and renewable solutions, was the project developer. It installed an energy management system integrating qualifying energy efficiency air conditioning and lighting systems.  Read more on this story in the February 14 edition of the Pacific Business News.