New Ideas Spring from the SunShot Incubator

February 29, 2012

In order to hatch a new idea, solar startups often need a supportive environment to help them take their first steps on the path of introducing novel technologies into the marketplace. Over the past five years, DOE's SunShot Incubator program has invested in nearly 40 small businesses to help them get off the ground.

A $17.5 million investment in the seven companies that made it through the first round of the incubator program has gone on to attract more than $1.6 billion of private financing as the companies develop and manufacture innovative solar technologies. DOE announced on February 8 that it will provide $12 million for the next generation of solar-related technologies in the seventh round of the successful SunShot Incubator program. The goal of this funding opportunity is to support solar energy hardware advancements and soft cost reductions, and to pilot manufacturing projects. Read the complete story in DOE's Energy Blog.