GSA Launches Mobile Sustainable Buildings Tool

March 8, 2012

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced a Sustainable Facilities Mobile (SF Mobile) tool to deliver valuable sustainable building and workplace design guidance from its Sustainable Facilities Tool (

SF Mobile makes it easy for both government and private-sector property managers to identify sustainable practices and evaluate options for implementation in renovation projects. The app presents strategies to incorporate in the planning and design phases for all building project types, with an emphasis on workplace projects under 10,000 sf.

SF Mobile is intended for facility managers, real estate professionals, project managers from government agencies, private sector developers, building occupants and owners who require guidance on why sustainability matters and how to implement sustainable changes in workspaces.

The Sustainable Facilities Mobile app allows you to:

  • Evaluate materials and systems used in building projects to learn their sustainable benefits and considerations.
  • Explore different interior spaces and learn design strategies to enhance sustainability.
  • Learn commonly used sustainability terms be searching the green term glossary.

The Sustainable Facilities Tool is a free resource provided by GSA and Noblis and can be found at