Solar Garden Planned for Poudre Valley REA (CO)

March 14, 2012

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA) and the Clean Energy Collective (CEC) of Carbondale, Colorado entered a power purchase agreement (PPA) that will launch PVREA's community solar program with a solar garden at the PVREA headquarters located near Windsor, Colorado. Construction of the solar garden is scheduled to begin in late spring 2012 and will be funded by CEC.

The solar garden will be comprised of more than 400 panels, generating a total of 115 kilowatts of renewable electricity. Once the project is complete, PVREA members may purchase solar panels for $618 per panel and will receive monthly bill credits for the electricity produced by their solar panels. Monthly credits for the generated solar electricity will be equal to the residential rate, which is currently 8.7 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Under the PPA, the solar garden may be expanded up to 2 megawatts as new members join.

News Release -Solar Garden Planned for Poudre Valley REA

Contacts:Clean Energy Collective, 800-646-0323;Ric Soulen, PVREA, 970-282-6422