City Taps Creative Financing for New Solar Project

March 20, 2012

A city of Knoxville official said a creatively financed photovoltaic system atop the Knoxville Convention Center will become a model for sustainable infrastructure in the region.

Most of the heavy lifting was completed Friday at the Convention Center on installation of the largest photovoltaic system — consisting of 90.75 kilowatts and more than 363 panels — owned by the city of Knoxville.

"This third-party finance model is unique to the region and is a new model for municipalities and nonprofits to embrace," said Jake Tisinger, the city's Office of Sustainability coordinator, who directs Knoxville's Solar America Cities program.

"We have already shared the third-party agreement model with a number of municipalities and nonprofits within the state and region. This system will be the third system owned by the city of Knoxville (when purchased), the second system to be installed on the Knoxville Convention Center, and the largest to date."

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