The High Performance Windows Volume Purchase Program Announces Phase II Changes

March 27, 2012

The High Performance Windows Volume Purchase (WVP) Program Team is announcing big changes to the market transformation effort, following a two hour stakeholder strategy session on February 2nd, 2012. The strategy session, held via webinar and hosted by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), welcomed nearly 50 participants from window manufacturers, non-profit organizations, Federal agencies and members of the WVP team itself. The strategy session focused on four WVP issues:

  • Current WVP Program Design

  • Suggestions for improving the WVP

  • Other mechanisms to advance sales of R-5 windows

  • Path forward for WVP

Taking strategy session feedback into consideration, the WVP team has released a program update on how the WVP will be modified for the rest of 2012. These changes include:

  1. Phase II of the program (scheduled to run from May 2011-April 2012) will be extended until the end of the year (December 31, 2012).

  2. The WVP team will now require participating vendors to report TOTAL R5 sales from all sources (vendors previously could opt to report only sales from the program website).

  3. WVP vendor participants must report more than zero sales of R5 windows in order to remain in the program.

  4. The 20-window minimum purchase requirement has been eliminated. There is no longer a purchase minimum amount.

  5. Pricing will no longer be included on

  6. New vendors that meet WVP specifications will be allowed to join the program (this includes vendors that only participated in phase I of the program).

In April, PNNL will send out a new Agreement Letter to participating window vendors with the above program changes noted. These agreements must be signed by May 1, 2012. It is important to mention that the program is still under review and further changes may be forthcoming as longer term strategies are discussed. The WVP team will be releasing more information concerning their plans for 2012 in April as well, including a list of future trade shows and workshops.