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Austin Energy Offers 100% Renewable Electrical Vehicle Charging

April 17, 2012

Austin Energy, located in Austin Texas, now has 100 public-access charging stations in the Plug-in EVerywhere network for plug-in electric vehicles, all powered by 100% renewable energy. The 100 electric vehicle charging stations are located at Austin Community College campuses, City of Austin public facilities, and retail and commercial businesses throughout the city.

Austin area electric vehicle drivers can purchase pre-paid Plug-in EVerywhere network cards for $25 each, which allows unlimited public station charging for six months. Electricity for the Plug-in EVerywhere charging network is generated from 100 percent renewable energy provided by GreenChoice, Austin Energy's renewable energy option offered to its electric customers.

News Release -For Less Than $5 Per Month, Austin Energy Offers Unlimited Electric Vehicle charging at More Than 100 EVerywhere Stations