Technology Commercialization Showcase

Overcoming the Information Gap

The Problem: Knowledge of available technologies was not reaching the business community. If no one learns of a technology's promise, then that technology will indefinitely sit on the lab shelf.

The Solution: The Department Of Energy Technology Commercialization Showcase provides effective communication, and the Commercialization Team provides potential investors with an ample amount of information.

For the Technology Commercialization Showcase, EERE Program Managers identify eight to ten-or more-of the most promising technologies in their portfolio and create a simple description of the opportunity to be presented. Next, DOE invites prominent cleantech venture capital firms that are actively seeking investment opportunities to this two-day conference.

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2008 Technology Commercialization Showcase

In 2008, the second Showcase was held in August at DOE Headquarters in Washington, DC. During the Showcase, each of EERE's Programs presented its Program Overview, Industry Overview, Investment Gaps, and Commercialization Opportunities. The representatives also spoke about industry trends, projections, and activities, all to inform Venture Capitalists about the full reach of each Program's commercialization opportunities.

2007 Technology Commercialization Showcase

The 2007 Showcase was the first-ever Technology Commercialization Showcase, and was held in August at DOE Headquarters in Washington, DC. Several prominent venture capital firms from around the country participated.