Department of Energy Jobs

Photograph of a young woman in a white lab coat working with a piece of machinery.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its National Laboratories, located throughout the country, employ a wide range of technical and nontechnical professionals to advance research and development and carry out education programs, among other activities.

EERE Career Opportunities
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the DOE office leading the nation's effort to enhance energy efficiency and develop renewable energy technologies, is searching for enthusiastic, driven and committed professionals to fill these vacancies.

DOE Career Opportunities
DOE's careers site covers many different aspects of working at the U.S. Department of Energy.

My Energy Gateway
This DOE-supported site helps you understand the educational pathways to finding a career in energy efficiency and renewables. Find information on degrees and certifications in energy. Get tuition and information on scholarships, internships, college rankings, career options, and industry resources. Export your search results and compare your choices.

Energy Information Administration (EIA) Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
Look for job opportunities at the Energy Information Administration, providing comprehensive, reliable data, analysis and forecasts to industry, government, media, academia, and the American public.

DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory Careers and Fellowships
The National Energy Technology Laboratory provides information on position vacancies and research opportunities.

Opportunities at Some DOE National Laboratories

DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Employment
Follow the link for job vacancies at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Argonne National Laboratory
This laboratory, located outside of Chicago, performs a wide range of research including projects aimed at developing the next generation of alternative energy sources through improved chemical fuels, advanced biofuels, and solar energy systems, as well as through the optimization of fuel and engine dynamics.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Job Search
This laboratory, located in Berkeley, California, conducts a variety of energy-related research including cutting-edge projects focused on improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and vehicles.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, this laboratory is one of the world's premier centers for research and development on energy production, distribution, and use. The laboratory hosts a national center on transportation energy among other nationally recognized centers.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
This laboratory, located in eastern Washington, conducts a broad range of clean energy research including projects on lighting, electric grid reliability and productivity, and building and vehicle efficiency to name a few.