PBS: Wind Power for Educators

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Lesson Plans/Activity: PBS: Wind Power for Educators Adode PDF
Grades: 5-8 , 9-12
Subject: Wind Energy
Summary: This lesson on wind energy is designed for physical science, earth science, and environmental science classrooms for grades 9-12, but may also be appropriate for some middle school science classes.
Curriculum: General Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science
Plan Time:One to three 90-minute block periods
Standards: Complete list of National standards listed on the Web page.
Materials: Materials include handouts, internet access, small DC toy motor, cork (at least 2 cm in diameter), stiff ruler or dowel, 60 cm of thin electrical wire with alligator clips, a rubber band, scotch tape, 6 paper clips, wire cutters, scissors, pieces of cardboard of various thicknesses.
Owner: PBS