Energy Savings Performance Contract Project Facilitators

Project facilitators help Federal agencies avoid obstacles and expedite projects, guiding the acquisition team through the process of developing, awarding, and verifying savings from energy savings performance contract (ESPC) projects.

Project facilitators are experienced, unbiased advisors who:

  • Provide consultation about contract and funding issues, technology and engineering considerations, and measurement and verification processes

  • Review cost and technical proposals

  • Draft the agency's task order request for proposal

  • Provide other services as requested.

Federal agencies developing U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ESPC projects are required to engage a qualified project facilitator.

The Federal Energy Management Program provides project facilitators at no cost for the early development of ESPC projects through agency review of the energy service company's preliminary assessment. After that, services are provided on a reimbursable basis (covering labor costs and travel) executed through an interagency agreement with the DOE Golden Field Office.

If several projects are envisioned, a blanket agreementMicrosoft Word with multiple work ordersMicrosoft Word is appropriate. If only one project is planned, a standalone ESPC interagency agreementMicrosoft Word is needed.

Individual work orders or the standalone interagency agreement reference a statement of work (SOW) specifying FEMP project facilitator support provided to the agency. This SOWMicrosoft Excel is offered as an example.

To get started on a DOE ESPC project, contact a Federal financing specialist.