Resources on Implementing Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Many resources are available to help Federal agencies implement energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs).

Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Provides an introduction to Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) ESPCs.

Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions

Offers information intended to enhance and clarify ESPC authority and provide policy guidance to agencies that are starting an ESPC, have a project underway, or have already awarded an ESPC.

Overviews and Processes

Outlines processes and considerations to help Federal agencies begin U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ESPC planning.

FEMP Assistance and Project Facilitation

Includes templates and sample statements of work for engaging a Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) project facilitator.

Energy Service Company Selection, Project Kickoff, Preliminary Assessment

Guides Federal agencies through selecting an energy service company (ESCO), project kickoff and preliminary assessment activities.

Final Proposal and Award

Includes guidance documents and resources surrounding the final ESPC proposal and awarding contracts to selected ESCOs.

Measurement and Verification Plan

Features guidance documents and samples to help Federal agencies create M&V plans.

Implementation, Construction, Project Acceptance

Provides guidance on navigating the implementation stage of ESPC projects.

Post-Installation and Annual Measurement and Verification Performance Reports

Details requirements and guidance for producing and reviewing post-installation and annual M&V reports; Includes guidance to help Federal agencies sustain effective administration of the contract throughout its term and ensure that guaranteed savings are delivered.

Measurement and Verification

Details the execution of M&V activities to determine performance and cost savings across DOE ESPCs.

Operations and Maintenance, Continuous Commissioning, and Retro-Commissioning

Covers ongoing O&M and commissioning activities through the life of the completed ESPC project.

Life Cycle Costing Tools

Helps Federal agencies implement energy- and water-efficiency projects.