Project Facilitation

FEMP offers project facilitation expertise to help Federal agencies implement project funding tools for energy projects, including energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), utility energy service contracts (UESCs), power purchase agreements (PPAs), and others.

Upon agency request, an experienced FEMP project facilitator can provide expert assistance with technical, financial, and contractual matters. The project facilitator can help guide the agency through the entire process of developing, awarding, and verifying savings from the project. In particular, FEMP can help your facility grapple with considerations throughout all stages of a project:

Evaluating Options

The evaluating options phase includes:

  • Project funding option evaluation
  • Objectives and strategy development
  • Energy potential assessment
  • Needs assessment and project scoping
  • Prescreening for energy conservation measures
  • Acquisition strategy development
  • Workshop on utility financing

Project Strategy

The project strategy phase includes:

  • Education of acquisition team and others
  • Building agency understanding, support, and commitment to project goals
  • Kickoff meeting support
  • Interagency agreement

Audit Review and Master Agreement Development

The audit review and master agreement development phase includes:

  • Audit and preliminary proposal and technical and financial analysis
  • Master agreement development
  • Task order development
  • Utility incentives evaluation
  • Energy baselines
  • Feasibility study and technical and financial analysis

Design Development

The design development phase includes:

  • Review of utility company design proposal
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Review of designs
  • Review of implementation proposal
  • Negotiations of financing terms and conditions

Task Order Implementation

The task order implementation phase includes:

  • Kickoff meeting for construction and installation
  • Review of installation plan
  • Project construction and installation commissioning
  • Inspection and acceptance plan compliance

Getting Help

Contact your FEMP agency representative to learn more and get started.