Federal Utility Partnership Working Group Industry Commitment

Investor-owned electric utility industry members of the Edison Electric Institute pledge to assist Federal agencies in achieving energy-saving goals. These goals are set in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and subsequent executive orders. Federal agencies can contact Federal Utility Partnership Working Group utility partners for more information on assistance.

Electric Utility Industry Pledge

Investor-owned electric utility industry members pledge to assist Federal customers as requested, to:

  • Provide Federal customers with project funding and support services to implement at least $2.0 billion in life-cycle cost-effective facility improvement projects to achieve 2010 energy efficiency and renewable energy goals.

  • Assist Federal customers in achieving the appropriate level of energy use at the lowest life-cycle cost through integrated energy management techniques including fuel neutral analysis of the full range of opportunities for energy efficiency, renewable energy supply, and education regarding the competitive purchase of electricity commodity where such service is available.

  • Assist Federal customers in the deployment of life-cycle cost-effective energy projects in support of national goals through the use of programs including but not limited to Million Solar Roofs, New Technology Demonstration Programs, Procurement of Energy-Efficient Products, and Geothermal Heat Pump Initiative.

  • Assist Federal customers in facilitating access to green power for Federal facilities, in support of Federal policy and Federal customer requirements and targets.

  • Assist agencies in using savings realized as a result of energy efficiency measures and load management opportunities to purchase renewable power to the extent that it is cost effective relative to implementing other energy efficiency measures on site.

  • Assist in the design of Federal retrofit and new construction facilities projects through fuel neutral analysis of energy efficiency opportunities to assure the best value to the Federal customer.

  • Participate in partnerships with Federal agencies, equipment manufacturers, and the renewable industry to demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

  • Select contractors to execute work under utility energy service contracts using a competitive process that is acceptable to the Federal agency and the appropriate regulatory body.

  • Offer monitoring and verification, operation and maintenance, and performance guarantees, if desired by the Federal customer and available from the utility under its regulatory environment.

  • Conduct processes and accounting activities related to the specific Federal projects in an open book manner as required by Federal law.

  • Assist in the education of Federal customers regarding the applicable utility programs and rate schedules and tariffs.

  • Assist Federal agencies in the implementation of the UESC model agreement.