Utility Energy Service Contracts Laws and Regulations

UESC: Enabling Documents
For a compilation of UESC enabling regulations and guidance, read UESC: Enabling Documents. This document is the primary reference for Federal agencies and utility partners conducting UESC projects.

The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 authorizes and encourages Federal agencies to participate in utility energy efficiency programs. Legislation authorizing utility energy service contracts (UESCs) is outlined below, along with legal opinions outlining the use of UESCs by Federal agencies.

Laws and Regulations

  • 42 USC Section 8256 (Energy Policy Act of 1992): Incentives for Federal agencies, legislation addressing contracts, the Federal Energy Efficiency Fund, utility incentive programs, and the Financial Incentive Program for Facility Energy Managers.

  • 10 USC Section 2913: Outlines energy savings contracts and related activities, shared energy savings contracts, participation in gas or electric utility programs, acceptance of financial incentives, and agreements with gas or electric utilities.

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Part 41: Covers the use of areawide contracts for the purchase of all types of utility services.

  • Executive Order 13423PDF: Addresses energy reduction goals for Federal facilities.

Legal Opinions