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News Archives - 2005


EPA Makes its Largest Green Power Purchase to Date
Upcoming Web Cast Introduces Sustainability in Federal Buildings
USDA Publishes Rules for Federal Purchasing of Bioproducts


Bush Administration Pushes Renewable Energy on Public Lands
Training Workshop to Help Professionals Achieve Energy Management Goals
EPA Launches Clean Energy Partnerships with 12 States and D.C.


Appliance Efficiency Standards Signed Into Law in New Jersey
DOE and EPA Recognize Energy Star Leaders at Award Ceremonies
USDA Conservation Program Includes Efficiency, Renewable Incentives
DOE and White House Launch Hydrogen Energy Web Sites
USDA Offers $22.8 Million for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Company to Build Largest U.S. Biodiesel Plant in North Dakota
Fort Lewis Benefits from Building Operator Certification Training
Labs21 Announces Call for Presenters for 2005 Annual Conference
FEMP Training Reminders
Alternative Financing Q&As
Distributed Energy Resource Analysis at Naval Base Ventura County's Building 1512
Wastewater Digester Gas Can Produce High Quality Methane Fuel for Federal Facilities
FEMP's Early CHP Projects Show Success
New SAVEnergy Audit Contracts Awarded
Pentagon Activates Solar Air Conditioning, Heating, Lighting, and Power System
Going Beyond ENERGY STAR® to Save Energy When Purchasing Computers
Other Countries Adopt Energy-Efficient Government Purchasing
T5 Fluorescent Technology Flies High for Defense
Federal Facilities Reduce Vending Machine Energy Consumption
Federal Energy and Environmental Management Continues to Make Strong Progress


Washington State Approves Green Building Law
Earth Day 2005 Message Promotes “See Your Energy Use in a New Light”
Iowa Governor Orders Greater Use of Efficiency and Renewable Energy
North Dakota Adopts Incentives for Wind, Hydrogen, Alternative Fuels
U.S. Air Force Leads the Nation in Green Power Purchases


State Collaborative Offers $4.95 Million for Efficiency, Distributed Energy
California Continues to Lead the Way with Large Solar Projects
Portland Aims for Gold with Revised Green Building Policy
Washington State Adopts New Renewable Energy and Efficiency Laws
Montana Laws Set Requirements for Renewable Energy and Ethanol
New Technologies Promise to Revolutionize the Solar Power Industry
DOE Offers Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes in the Southwest


18 Student Teams to Participate in DOE's Second Solar Decathlon
Energy Secretary Bodman Visits "Net-Zero Energy Home" Near Denver
USDA awards $4.4 Million for Woody Biomass Projects
Vermont Sets Renewable Energy Requirement; Iowa Expands Tax Credits
David Garman Sworn in as Under Secretary of Energy
Douglas Faulkner Named Acting Assistant Secretary for Efficiency, Renewables
Nevada Law Promotes Green Building, Alters Renewable Mandate
Pennsylvania Awards $10 Million to 17 Clean Energy Projects


DOE, HUD, and EPA Form Partnership for Home Energy Efficiency
U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increased 1.7 Percent in 2004
USDA Begins Process to Designate Preferred Biobased Products
Energy Secretary Bodman Helps Break Ground at Solar Facility
DOE Awards $92.5 Million to 19 States for Home Weatherization
USDA Guarantees up to $200 Million in Clean Energy Loans
Massachusetts Joins Effort to Build "Green" Affordable Housing


Texas More than Doubles its Renewable Energy Requirement
Energy Act Provides Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency
Energy Act to Increase Energy Efficiency in Federal Buildings
Energy Act Shifts Daylight Saving Time, Sets Appliance Standards
Ten DOE Facilities and Army Base Buy Renewable Energy Credits
DOE Headquarters Increases Renewable Purchase to 100 Percent
Tips to Taking the Sting Out of High Gasoline Prices
FEMP Regional Technology Manager Recognized for Outstanding Public Service
FUPWG Heads from Oklahoma City in May to Rapid City in October
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod Demonstrates Successful Fuel Cell
San Diego VA Medical Center Uses Super ESPC for Solar Mercury Turbine Beta Test
FEMP Investigates Cutting Energy Demand at GSA's Philadelphia Custom House
Naval Station Great Lakes Uses UESC to Complete Base-Wide Upgrades
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island's Conservation Program Recognized
U.S. Postal Service Accrues Ongoing Benefits Through Innovative Project Financing
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Shares the Keys to Their Successful Energy Program
Energy Awareness Month 2005 Encourages Smart Energy Choices
Super ESPC Provides Combined Heat and Power, PV, and Energy Savings to FDA Office/Lab Complex
FEMP Training Reminders
Alternative Financing Q&As
Cost Avoidance vs. Utility Bill Accounting—Explaining the Discrepancy Between Guaranteed Savings in ESPC Projects and Utility Bills
FEMP Utility Management Web Site Identifies Energy Efficiency and Other Incentive Opportunities for Federal Customers
FEMP Conducts E-Learning Trial for Online Energy Courses
FEMP Analyzes Federal Energy Savings From Utility Service Programs
Use of Quantitative Uncertainty Analysis to Support M&V Decisions in Super ESPCs
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Receives Second ENERGY STAR® Award


Solar Tours Come to 43 States and D.C. on October 1st
EERE Launches its Financial Opportunities Web Site
Hydropower Downturn Masks Renewable Energy Growth in 2004
U.S. and Canada Work Together to Save Fuel for Freight Industry
California Approves $2 Billion for Energy Efficiency


President Bush Calls for Federal Energy Conservation
Secretary Bodman Opens Solar Decathlon Competition on National Mall
EPA and DOE Launch Campaign Encouraging Use of Energy Star Lights
DOE and USDA Award $12.6 Million for Biomass Energy Research
Energy Policy Act of 2005 Workshop
The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council 2005 Forum
Federal Employees Honored for Saving Millions in Energy Costs
White House Honors Federal Agency Teams for Saving Energy


U.S. Government Exceeds its Goal for Renewable Energy Use
EIA: Hurricane Recovery to Extend into Mid-2006
U.S. Wind Power Grows at Record Pace in 2005
Energy Department Partners with Industry to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Energy Costs
Four Governors Order Their States to Save Energy, Use Biofuels


DOE Energy Saving Team Visits Dow Chemical Plant in Louisiana
DOE, EPA Join Leadership Group to Boost Utility Efficiency Spending
Hawaii Army Bases to Feature 3,000 Homes with Solar Power
DOE Deploys Energy Saving Team at Pennsylvania Prison Complex
DOE Sends Energy Saving Team to New Jersey Coast Guard Center
DOE Sends Energy Saving Team to Federal Courthouse in Alabama
DOE Energy Saving Team Deployed to Denver Federal Center
Massachusetts and Connecticut Offer Renewable Energy Funding
DOE Sends Energy Saving Teams to Six Facilities in Five States
DOE Sends Energy Saving Team to U.S. Army Facility in Oklahoma
Energy Saving Teams Sent to Federal Facilities in Six States