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News Archives - 2006


Weapons Plant to Save $2 Million Per Year Through Energy Efficiency
California Approves $2.9 Billion Solar Energy Initiative
USDA Offers $19 Million for Businesses, Emphasizing Renewables
DOE Offers $100 Million for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
Legislation Pushes for More Efficient Federal Buildings
Federal Agencies Commit to Energy Efficient Buildings


DOE and 15 Federal Agencies Sign Green Building Agreement
Building Groups to Set Minimum Standard for Green Building
California to Set Cap on Utility Greenhouse Gas Emissions
President Bush Promotes the Advanced Energy Initiative
FY 2006 ESET Assessment Sites Completed (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
Web Resources for Reducing Natural Gas (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
Agencies Respond to President's Memorandum to Conserve Energy (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
Letter from FEMP's Program Manager: Creating an Open Forum and Gaining Momentum (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
3 Million Federal Employees Working Together Can Make a World of Difference (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and Federal Facilities Energy Efficiency (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
FEMP Deploys Teams in Response to Natural Gas Concerns (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
Energy Policy Act of 2005 Federal Energy Provisions at a Glance (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)
NECPA Part 3—Federal Energy Management Amendments (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)


State Incentives Database Now Includes Energy Efficiency
DOE and EPA Honor Energy Star Partners


DOE Conducts Energy Assessments in Wisconsin and Florida
Green Roofs are Gaining Acceptance in U.S. Cities, Says Survey
Karsner: Advanced Energy Initiative is a "Vision for Victory"
Arizona Completes a One-Megawatt Solar Trough Plant
President Bush Highlights Advanced Transportation and Addresses High Fuel Costs
EIA: Regular Gasoline Prices May Fall Short of $3 per Gallon


California Sets Goals to Boost In-State Biofuels Production
President Bush Honors Energy Efficiency Leaders Young and Old
GM, DaimlerChrysler, and BMW Preview New Hybrid Technology
Pennsylvania Assists Small Wind Power Developments
Energy and Architecture Groups Pursue Green Office Buildings
DOE Helps Develop an Energy-Efficient Water Heater
Kauai Pursues Biomass and Wind Power and Solar Water Heating
DOE Releases Funding Opportunity for Solid-State Lighting Core Technology Research
Charrette Participants Focus on Accelerating Technology Adoption in Buildings
New York State to Pursue Cellulosic Ethanol and Energy Crops
U.S. Air Force, DOE Laboratory Among Climate Protection Leaders


DOE Awards $34.6 Million to States for Energy Efficiency
DOE Offers $7 Million for Solid-State Lighting Research
New Iowa Legislation to Boost Renewable Fuel Use
USDA Loan Program to Encourage Energy Efficient Homes
BLM Releases Map of Proposed Energy Corridors on Federal Land
Western Governors Adopt Clean Energy Resolutions
DOE Welcomes Your Digital Photos for Energy Star Mosaic Poster
California Lays Down the Welcome Mat for Renewable Energy Projects
EIA Forecasts Large Growth in World Energy Demand through 2030
Louisiana Passes a Renewable Fuel Requirement


Public Comments Requested for Offshore Wind Power Projects
DOE Releases Plan to Advance Cellulosic Ethanol
NREL Offsets All Its Energy Use with Renewable Energy Credits
Interior Department Proposes New Rules to Advance Geothermal Energy
Energy Star Rebates for Washington, DC Residents


Registration Opens for National Renewable Energy Conference
States and Utilities Commit to Action Plan for Energy Efficiency
Federal Fleet Initative Moves to FEMP
Energy 2006 Conference Attracts 1,000 + Attendees
President Sends Greetings to Energy 2006 Conference Attendees
BLM Approves 200-Megawatt Wind Project in South-Central Idaho
USDA Proposes 20 Biobased Product Categories for Federal Purchases
Seven Northeast States Set Rules for Greenhouse Gas Reductions


New York Law Prohibits Shutout of Alternative Fuels
EPA Buys 100 Percent Green Power, Challenges Colleges to Follow
DOE Conducts Energy Assessment at Nebraska Cargill Facility
DOE Awards $6 Million for Efficient Building Partnerships


Oak Ridge National Laboratory Launches Trucks for Nationwide DOE Field Operational Test
Transit Administration Awards $49 Million for Fuel Cell Buses
White House Honors Federal Agency Teams for Saving Energy and Reducing Costs


EPA Encourages the Use of Biofuels to Transport Freight
Arizona Requires 15 Percent Renewable Power by 2025
Experts Say Industry Standards are Key for the Growth of Biofuels
Washington State Voters Mandate Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Geothermal Power Continues to Grow Rapidly in 2006
International Energy Agency Points the Way to a Clean Energy Future
DOE Research Project Yields New Low-Speed Wind Turbine Blade
Waste-to-Energy Projects Gain Momentum in the United States
Spectrally Enhanced Lighting--Field Evaluation Reveals Significant Energy Savings
DOE and Leading Manufacturers Develop Aerodynamic Trucks
U.S. Green Building Council to Tighten Standards and Add Incentives
Coastal States Demonstrate Leadership in Solar Power
IRS Allocates $800 Million in Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
Microbiology Could Revolutionize Energy and Materials Production


New Solar Cell Breaks 40 Percent Efficiency Barrier
EIA: U.S. to Shift Away from Petroleum, Toward Coal by 2030
Four Western States to Cooperate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Historic Preservation and Energy Efficiency in Federal Buildings
DOE Issues New Rules for Efficient Appliances and Federal Buildings