President Issues New Executive Order

March 7, 2007

On January 24, 2007, President Bush issued a new Executive Order, "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management," that strengthens key goals for the federal government. As the nation's single largest energy user, the federal government has an obligation to lead by example to meet the President's aggressive agenda to reduce dependence on foreign oil and conserve resources.

The new Executive Order raises the bar for federal leadership and performance in several areas. The Executive Order requires agencies to reduce greenhouse gases through a reduction in energy intensity of 3 percent a year, or 30 percent by the end of fiscal year 2015 compared to the base year 2003. (This increases the challenge of the 2 percent per year and 20 percent overall from EPAct 2005). Federal agencies must also ensure that at least half of renewable energy comes from new renewable sources (EPAct 2005 was silent on the issue of "new" resources).

Under the new Executive Order, agencies must reduce water consumption by 2 percent annually through fiscal year 2015 (an explicit water goal was not part of EPAct). Water efficiency and energy efficiency are closely linked, as water requires a significant energy input for treatment, pumping, heating, and process uses.

Agencies must also ensure new construction/major renovation comply with the 2006 Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was signed at the White House Summit on Federal Sustainable Buildings (see full text of the MOU).

With the new Executive Order, agencies must ensure fleet petroleum reduction of 2 percent annually, increased use of alternative fuels of 10 percent annually, and use of plug-in hybrids.

As the lead agency for coordinating the implementation of the energy and water goals, FEMP offers a variety of resources to assist federal agencies in achieving those goals. The full text of the Executive Order and guidance will be available in an upcoming Special Issue of FEMP Focus. Until then, FEMP staff can help you navigate the new requirements set forth in the Executive Order.

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