DOE and Manufacturers Group to Boost Industrial Energy Efficiency

June 12, 2007

DOE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on June 12th in an effort to maximize energy efficiency at industrial facilities. NAM represents 11,000 large and small manufacturers in every industrial sector, comprising over 200,000 facilities throughout the United States. Under the MOU, DOE and NAM will assist manufacturing facilities in implementing energy management programs; adopting clean, efficient technologies; and achieving continual energy efficiency improvements. DOE and NAM have agreed to share their expertise and provide companies with technical assistance, a Web-based catalog of tools and technologies, and a roadmap for companies to implement an energy management program. This MOU builds on the success of the 2006 Save Energy Now campaign, in which energy experts identified nearly $500 million in potential energy savings at 200 of the most energy-intensive manufacturing plants in the United States. See the DOE press release, the MOU (PDF 137 KB), and the results of the Save Energy Now industrial assessments. Download Adobe Reader.