Three New Technology Publications Available on the FEMP Web Site

August 28, 2007

The Federal Energy Management Program recently published three New Technologies publications, now available on the FEMP Web site.

Coolerado Cooler Helps to Save Energy and Dollars. The Technology Installation Review describes the operating principles, measured performance, and energy savings potential of a new evaporative cooling technology, the Coolerado Coolerâ„¢. This technology uses a water-fueled cooling system powered solely with fan energy, delivering cooler supply air temperatures than direct or indirect evaporative cooling systems without increasing humidity. Because this technology significantly reduces electric demand for cooling over the course of a cooling season, it can provide energy and cost savings and help federal energy managers meet their energy-reduction goals.

Hybrid Solar Lighting Illuminates Energy Savings at Government Facilities. This Technology Focus on hybrid solar lighting discusses an exciting near-term solution for energy managers to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or exceeding lighting quality requirements. Hybrid solar lighting offers an energy-efficient, higher quality, economically viable alternative to incandescent lamps. The publication reviews the operation, benefits, costs, and projected savings of this technology, as well as new developments, availability, and potential candidates for commercial application.

Strategic Energy and Water Resource Planning for Federal Facilities. This document provides a detailed look at the strategic planning process based on advice from planning experts, as well as real-world experience in developing planning documents for federal sites and agencies. The publication can help a manager adapt a plan for his or her unique organization, facility needs, goals, and requirements. While it focuses on strategic planning for energy and water resource management, the principles may be applied to all types of strategic plans.

These and many other technology publications are available on the FEMP Web site.